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How I became An Anti-Feminist (TL DR? GTFO)


I have not always been an anti-feminist, In fact it’s only been the last year or so that I saw feminism for what it truly was. I used to believe the feminist dogma that feminism was at its heart all about equality. I came to believe that feminism and being pro equality were inseparable concepts. I never subscribed to the label because I never felt the need to yet it was my assumption that since I was for equality that I must at least share the same beliefs as feminists. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I had always figured that there were facets of society where women were disadvantaged but I thought it was a given among feminists that men also faced certain disadvantages as the two genders face their own set of unique challenges in life. It was not until I was confronted in university by a group of feminists that I was corrected.

Looking back it felt like it must feel to be an atheist being preached at by a group of religious extremists. In fact what they were offering me was eerily similar. They told me of my original sin or as they put it male privilege. They told me that by sheer virtue of being born male I had advantages and should consider myself a part of the great Satan, or as they put it… the patriarchy. They even gave me a pitch that I swear I have heard almost word for word come from evangelicals. They told me that I could change, that I could be part of the solution as long as I admitted I was a sinner and begged for forgiveness. Or as they put it… own up to and acknowledge my privilege. They told me I would need to go into the world and preach the good news to all creation. Or as they put it, do everything I could to advocate for those who did not share my privilege and were oppressed and marginalized.

Now I already have a religion so this didn’t sit well with me. I was also for the first time considering the implications of the concepts that they were pushing on me. For instance they implied that all that I accomplish in my life is not because I worked hard and achieved based on my own merit. No it is because my efforts are heavily subsidized by the patriarchy granting me my male privilege. So as it turned out I wasn’t in university because of all that studying I did, not because I dedicated my life to gaining knowledge and wisdom. No it had just been handed to me like a trust fund baby, raised with a silver spoon in their mouth. It wasn’t my intention when I began writing this to use profane language but recalling the experience I think a hearty fuck you is warranted.

The other implication here is that men don’t face challenges or if they do they pale in comparison to what women go through. This was my first exposure to what other anti-feminist and anti social justice warriors have appropriately dubbed the oppression Olympics. Whoever has it worse off wins, and gets to go through life with the oppressed victim label and all the advantages that come with it. For example in our society we have affirmative action, which means a woman will get a job that a male is better qualified for because it is assumed solely on the basis of her gender that she has had a more difficult time and deserves the opportunity more than a man. Then feminists claim… well she’s still qualified at least, as though it excuses a supposed egalitarian advocating for preferential treatment.

This is the moment where I decided feminism is not for me, it does not promote equality at all. I had been without a strong opinion on the subject but had developed one after being visited by Jehovah’s feminists. From there I began to educate myself on gender issues which is where I began to see that not only were feminists not promoting equality, they were actively promoting hatred and inequality. I watched the videos of vicious feminists in true KKK style put on masks and protest talks on men’s issues. I watched them yell at people who merely showed up to listen. They hurled insults and made baseless accusations against all who showed up. They called them rapists and misogynists and screamed profanity, all because someone other than a feminist wanted to discuss issues not immediately pertinent to women. They pulled fire alarms and shouted to drown out dissenting views. This is where I became first aware of the feminist intolerance and censorship of not only dissenting views but also simply views that they were not themselves responsible for. They even pulled this crap at a seminar to discuss male suicide, which makes up 80% of all suicides. This kind of behaviour is despicable in and of itself but is made worse because the group doing it claims to be in favour of equality for both genders. They even claim that there is no need for a men’s rights movement because they advocate for men too. Yeah sure… we trust you.

I reject feminism because I don’t buy for a second that extremists like the ones I encountered are not representative of the larger movement. This is in part because rather than confront their criticisms they shrug them off and attack their dissidents rather than address the people giving them a bad name. In fact when a reasonable feminist who actually does promote equality for both sexes shows up they widely reject her. Like Christina Hoff Sommers Whose book was burned by feminists before they took pictures of themselves drinking from their male tears mugs.

There is one difference between feminism and religion. Religions tend to have some kind of ultimate reference material. When a person claims to be a part of a religion yet promotes beliefs that most in that religion disagree with…they can be dismissed by referring to the Bible, the Torah or the Quran and showing how a belief goes against their beliefs. Feminism does not have this; there is no ultimate feminist resource by which all feminists must be judged. The only appeal they can make is to the dictionary definition, which is not at all representative of the movement and holds no authority for feminists. In fact usually the definitions all acknowledge that feminism is a movement for women, equality is at best a justification. Anyone can call himself or herself a feminist and because they have been left unchecked within their own movement, the radicals have defined you in the eyes of all non-feminists. This is the failing of feminism not its detractors. This is why even if feminism were at its heart egalitarian it has hurt itself badly enough that no one but feminists will listen to feminists. Congratulations you have turned your cause into a self-defeating movement.

More recently there’s been a growing movement of women against feminism. And the response from feminists has been ironically sickening. Christina Sommers put the backlash against these women best when she said “When young women say no to feminism, feminists don’t accept that no means no.” Another female anti-feminist said, “feminists are the ones who feel entitled to women, look at how they act when they cant have one.” And she was right, if you looked at the women against feminism hash tag on twitter it was loaded with feminists once again hurling insults and most ironic of all were the male feminists who were trying to tell women how they should think.

So I’m a proud anti-feminist because I support equality. What about you? Have you accepted feminism as your personal lord and saviour?

Preach, brother, preach!

"Reasonable Feminists"


Sometimes it seems like the only difference between radfems and “Real Feminists” are that the “reasonable feminists” can hide their bullshit for a little bit. Eventually though when you still disagree with them…



Oh you’re a feminist? Please tell me all about…



Arguing with feminists I’ve come to discover something both disturbing and telling. More often than not they do not hear what you say, they hear something entirely different. It’s almost as if there is some mechanism churching inside their brains distorting the things you say. I say I am an anti-feminist and they hear I hate women. I say I do not believe in rape culture, they hear I’m a rapist and women deserve to be raped. This to me is a staunch indicator of brain washing and a failure to think critically. Stop constructing straw men and making appeals to purity and address your criticisms.


Feminists who get upset when women don’t identify as feminists:

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Cats have a stronger flight instinct that dogs! That's why they can't hold positions like "police cat". You're just not evolutionarily built for it! It would be really uncomfortable for cats to have to guard because naturally their bodies would be telling them to run away. Using cats as guards would just endanger everyone, including the kitties kitselves!


So you’re a species essentialist, then? Just because cats were historically forced out of those roles by dogs doesn’t mean they can’t do them. Dogs deliberately sabotage cats efforts and pretend that it’s proof that cats can’t do as good a job as a dog. 

Cats can do anything dogs can do. And in bells.